About me

About me

Art has always been a part of my life. Since I could first hold a pencil, I wanted to draw, and my childhood was spent filling as many drawing books and blank pieces of paper that I could get my hands on.

On leaving school, I spent four years in Art college and have to admit, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. After a brief period as a library assistant, I entered the world of animation where I had the pleasure of working on many well-known children’s films such as “The land before time” and “All dogs go to Heaven”. I also became more interested in painting, using oils, pastels and watercolours, moving on to acrylics which I enjoyed due to their quick drying properties. You can learn more about my artwork here.

Moving from Dublin in the late ‘90s I reared my family on the border of three counties and two provinces, just outside Virginia, County Cavan. The rolling hills and Lakeland forests has been a recurring theme in my paintings where I hope to relay the atmosphere, the sense of what makes that place special. It is also an area steeped in legend and heritage and since I have always had a love of our mythology, and indeed it had been the subject of many of my drawings in earlier years, this place where I now live, reignited that passion for our ancient past.

I am lucky enough to look upon the nearby hills of Loughcrew and Sliabh na Caillí every day and the stories associated with the 5500-year-old cairns have hugely influenced my work and have brought me to a place where our Celtic (and pre-Celtic) legends are a central part of my art. You can read more about my Irish mythology work here.

I also love to work on a large scale, such as happens when I’m commissioned to do a mural. Be it private or commercial, it is always a fantastic opportunity and challenge to express an idea on such a grand scale but one I relish. You can read more about this side of my work here.

I take commissions for work, be they portraits or landscapes. These I do in whatever medium the client prefers, eg, pencil, oils, acrylics, pastels.

Another aspect of my work is teaching and this I mainly do in my cabin here at the house. A run a few classes, both adult and children’s and my main aim is to encourage creativity with my experience there to advise and promote each student’s individual style. I have also been working in the community with the local educational training board with the same ethos, to build self-confidence in my students. You can find out more about my cabin art classes here.

In more recent times, and probably I have the lockdown to thank for this, believe it or not, I have had the opportunity to speak about my passion for our heritage and stories online. Talking about the inspiration behind my art and these stories of our land and ancestral past is something a thoroughly enjoy as it gives me a chance to relate my passion for keeping our rich tapestry of culture alive in a visual form. This is a part of my work which I hope to grew in the future, through Youtube videos, livestreams and webinars. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my site if you have any questions or wish to engage regarding my art or indeed have a query, please drop me an email.

Contact Details

Margaret McKenna
Carrick Eighter, Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Art to me, is storytelling a means to visually capture the atmosphere and tell the tales behind our landscape or capture the essence of that person’s character.

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